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Gummymals, your sweetest pet. The unique, rubbery toys that are irresistibly squeezable and gummy bear-shaped. With more than 20 sounds and 4 LED color interactions these squishy little friends are sure to become your child’s new best friend. They make happy little sounds when you play with them and their bright colors are sure to stimulate your child’s senses. They even come with their own little bottle that you can use to feed them. Give your child a Gummymal and watch their imagination come to life.

Get more info soon at: gummymals.com

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Gummymals Singing Stars have arrived, and they’re ready to rock your world! These mini Gummy Stars come with different squishy fillings, accessories and they sing! Each one performs a unique song in one of three styles: Pop, Rock or Disco – collect all three and get ready to sing and dance with Gummymals Singing Stars!


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